From my heart...

From my heart...

I had a conversation (my favorite type, texting back and forth  with a friend not long ago. We were discussing Advocacy Without Borders, and I was sharing my thoughts. About why I'm doing it. About why I think it's needed. It's not very eloquent, but I think it's worth sharing here:

'This is long and tangential, but in addition to sharing resources and information that might be of use to others, I basically want to find a way to encourage people to find some way to help themselves and also help others. Whatever way that works with their lifestyle, resources, and ability level.

If it's volunteering at a nearby organization, at a community center, or at their kid's school. Or writing a blog. Or launching a ministry. Or working collaboratively with some other existing group on their topic of choice.

Something in me is just railing against the mindsets of " can't be involved in things until your kids grow up..." and

"You're not from the 'right' group, so your voice doesn't matter because you don't understand what X or Y group is dealing with."

Or "You're too young (and/or poor/uneducated/non-influential, etc) to make much of a difference anyway."

EVERYONE can do SOMETHING, in their own small way. People don't need to sit around and wait for hand outs. Yes, we can accept an outstretched hand, but we can also LEND a hand.'

So this is me, lending my hand. Aided by some wonderful people who share the same vision and want to lend theirs too. Thanks for your patience and support of us as we find our way!

Love, Morénike