Redefine+: Reforming HIV/AIDS education everywhere

Redefine+ is a grassroots initiative dedicated to reforming HIV/AIDS education in public schools everywhere. 

After realizing that many public school health education curricula contained outdated, stigmatic, and medically inaccurate information about HIV/AIDS (and, by default, people with it), Jodie Howerton, a Seattle mom in an HIV affected family, spearheaded an effort to replace them with brand-new materials that were both accurate and affirming of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Neither Jodie nor collaborating partners in Washington state’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation had the money necessary for recreating the videos and manuals needed for the 295 school districts in Washington State.

But that didn't stop Jodie; she reached out to the media and the internet, and within a matter of days raised more than enough money to fully fund the project!

With the videos in full production, the next step for Redefine+ is to reform the health education resources in other parts of the United States, and then beyond!

We encourage you to check out Redefine+ and follow their growth!  For, as Jodie says,

"Education is our best defense against the spread of HIV/AIDS and against the stigma still surrounding the virus. Through education, we can get to zero new infections and can foster compassion and acceptance for those living with the virus. Together, we can turn the tide! Will you join the fight?"