"Empowering children to be who they are."

"Empowering children to be who they are."

Dab Garner is an activist, a 31 year survivor of HIV/AIDS, a public speaker, a blogger and an anti-bullying advocate.

Well-known in HIV circles, Garner created "Dab the AIDS bear" several years ago. Garner recognized the stigma and social isolation faced by children who were affected by or diagnosed with HIV, and wanted a tangible mechanism to support maternal/pediatric HIV. He also began hosting holiday events for HIV+ children with called Teddy Bear Touchdowns.

However, Garner's support for children goes beyond those living with HIV. A staunch opponent of bullying, Garner is the founder of the official "Support for Grayson"page. 

9 year old Grayson is a little boy who loves My Little Pony, and was recently in the news for being bullied at school because he carried a My Little Pony lunchbox on campus. Neither his school nor his district have adequately addressed the bullying that Grayson and his family have endured. 

Garner wants Grayson to know that there are far more caring people in this world than there are bullies. If you wish to do the same, please "like" the official Facebook page: