The End of Ryan White Part D?

In the proposed upcoming fiscal year budget, the Ryan White Part D Program (that serves women, infants, children, youth, teens, and caregivers) is being eliminated and consolidated into another Ryan White Program (Part C, which focuses on early intervention and capacity building).

Part of the rationale for eliminating Part D is that 67% of Part D funded agencies also receive Part C, so presumably by consolidating the programs administrative costs will be reduced and more funds will be available.

However, what about the other 33% not dually funded? Are they guaranteed to receive Part C funds when they apply for them, or will their communities be left out?

With the number of females and youth (especially those from marginalized groups such as the trans community, people of color, immigrants, those from economically challenged areas, etc.) being diagnosed each year with HIV, is this the right course of action to take? Slashing programs that serve these groups?

Please read what the AIDS Alliance has to say on this topic: