Fred Says supports HIV+ teens

Aside from having an adorable puppy named Fred as the face of its organization, Fred Says is unique in that it is the ONLY charity devoted exclusively to supporting the health and well-being of HIV+ teenagers. There is a huge need for services for HIV+ teens as there are ~10 million young people aged 15-24 in the world living with HIV. Moreover, in the United States, where 40-45,000 new HIV diagnoses occur each year, half of these diagnoses occur in youg adults, while a quarter occur in youth!

Fred Says sells e-cards, greetings cards, and T-shirts to raise money that allows HIV+ young people to have a better quality of life, as HIV treatment can cost around $12,000 for young people a month and almost half a million dollars in a lifetime.

Fred Says was founded by Rob Garofalo, a cancer survivor who is also HIV+. As a physician that provides medical care to young people who are HIV+, he draws from his own personal experience with HIV in addition to Fred, the dog he adopted after his HIV diagnosis, for his mission to help positive teens.

Dr. Garofalo created Fred Says to share the inspiration and hope he found from Fred with the rest of the world; now we wish to share it with you! Visit them online at: