Creer & Crear... where every dream comes true!

Creer & Crear means "Believe & Create." Located in Columbia, this innovative program is indeed a place where "we believe in children and create a future." 

Founded in 2007 by Johanna Crane, an MFT and a DIR/Floortime practitioner, the program offers are an integrated therapeutic and educational program which focuses on respecting and celebrating the children for who they are, offering individualized education based on developmental and socio-emotional capacities.

The program places special emphasis on the total acceptance of the child, mutual respect, and strengthening of relationship capacities. Believing that every child has the potential and the right to grow and develop in a positive way, Creer & Crear does not try to change children into different people. Instead, they respect, accept, value, and celebrate them for who they are, and we give them the tools to allow them to live in a world that is not meant for them. In this program, we develop strategies that encourage children to think independently and problem solve successfully.

If you are proficient in Spanish, please visit their site to learn more about this great organization: