Yes, we know today is Thursday...

Friendsday WEdnesday on a Thursday!

What happens when Wednesday has come and gone, but you still need to pay tribute to great advocacy work?

You do it anyway, that's what!

Friendsday WEdnesday is a weekly feature of Advocacy Without Borders where we highlight the great work that WE (we being advocates throughout the world) are doing to improve our communities and make a difference!

This week we are deviating from the norm. The sole organization that is being featured is one that some of our leadership has been personally involved in, though that has no bearing on the selection of this organization. This organization has been chosen because it will be ceasing its operations at the end of this month, and it is important to commemorate their legacy during the short time that will shall remain open.

They did not seek any attention or kudos from us or anyone else. No need; their qualifications speak for themselves!

Please read the next "late" Friendsday WEdnesday post and be inspired by the soon to be former Hope Stone Inc, founded and led by the amazing Jane Weiner.