Join us for the Critical Care: Disability Interventions and Medical Humanities - Rice University Symposium

Join us for a day-long exploration of the meanings of cure and care in contexts of illness, injury, disability, and impairment hosted by anthropologist Dr. Zoe Wool, author Cory Silverburg, and professor Kirsten Ostherr. We will be represented on a panel with a diverse group of other disabled activists of color.

This interdisciplinary symposium hones in on disability as a unique space within which to explore a key tension of medical humanities: the oft-lamented juxtaposition between cure and care. Taking this juxtaposition as both our anchor and incitement, we bring together scholars, artists, researchers, and community members working on disability to explore, and explode, the distinction between cure and care. We frame these contributions as disability interventions in a double sense: They may be social, technical, and theoretical interventions into forms or ideas of disability. But they may also leverage disability itself as an intervention into biomedical, community, and conceptual practice.

The symposium is free and open to the public, but space is limited. 

Please help us maintain an accessible, accommodating environment by not wearing or using fragrances of any kind. All spaces are wheelchair accessible. There will be ASL interpretation for the day, and the film will be screened with open captions.