All Kinds of Minds

Learning & the Brain "seeks to empower educators to establish a connection between learning and cognitive sciences while receiving practical tools to fight learning disorders, and most importantly, the best available approach to developing their students’ inner talents and gifts."

Through innovative conferences, workshops, and training sessions held in-person and online in various locations, for over 20 years Learning & the Brain has connected researchers and educators from over 80 countries to collaborate and share strategies and ideas on research advances and educational techniques.

In addition to education, disciplines such as neuroscience, sociology, and psychology are also well-represented.

This year, we are proud to be part of an engaging panel that will focus on empowering students with and without disabilities in multicultural settings.

In our world, we need all kinds of minds. By equipping educators with resources about neurodiversity, we ensure that they are better prepared to meet the needs of all students.