Back "in the saddle" for 2021!!!


Hello, Salutations, Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, Hi!!! We are grateful that 2020 has ended, but we are even more grateful to be resuming our advocacy work after a few months' hiatus in which we engaged in some reflection, realignment, and retooling. Although the year has only partially unfolded, it is evident that the importance of building, developing, and supporting community advocacy efforts is as critical as before if not more so in the midst of unprecedented and rapidly evolving circumstances worldwide. 

None of us could have envisioned 2020, but a number of us survived it nonetheless. And together, we seek to do the same in 2021: to keep persevering, growing, and making positive change - together. We're looking forward to sharing updates, ideas, and resources with you as the year progresses; thank you as always for your belief in what we're doing!